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Choose the service that suits you according to the position you are looking for and collect your wishes. You can contact us here.

Consultation with a recruitment specialist

During the free consultation, we review the job profile of the workplace and give advice on choosing a suitable recruitment solution.

How does it seem? Send us an inquiry and we will put together a recruitment solution that is personalized to your company’s needs.

Special offer for fast recruiting

The service suits for an employer who is in a hurry to fill a position and does not have the time or experience to deal with the recruitment process.


Regular price 1060€

  • Consultation with the recruiter
  • Help in formulating a job advertisement
  • Job advertisement design
  • Job advertisement on CV.ee (14 days)
  • Highlighting the ad in up to two categories with the “Premium” label
  • Invitation to apply to potential candidates through the CV.ee database
  • Forwarding candidates to the client
  • Social media advertising on the most popular channels
  • Selection of candidates
  • Online interview with potentially suitable candidates
  • Rejection emails to unsuitable candidates

Full-service recruitment solutions

To determine which recruitment service to choose, it’s first necessary to define the problem you want to solve. Most often, recruitment services are sought due to in-house time constraints or a lack of recruitment expertise.

Recruitment services comparison

Recruiting services offer the opportunity to get complete and professional project management from one place and save your working time at least 25 hours or even 6-9 weeks.

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"I would like to thank you very much for your excellent cooperation and support. Special thanks for this great feeling of how well my vision and wishes were used in the recruitment project to form questions and interviews! I really liked our cooperation and I will definitely use the service in the future.''

Mediq Eesti

"Recruitment evaluation - the highest level. We are happy to cooperate with you, it was very fast and efficient recruitment process for us. Recruiter was great! Special thanks that everything was well organized and where it was necessary - reminded for us. We had a feeling that were leaded by proffesional."

SIRIN Development

"Our experience with the recruitment service was very positive, exceeding our expectations in a situation that seemed almost insurmountable at first. The need to find two qualified employees in a very short time seemed difficult, but the efficiency of the service, the well-thought-out process and smooth communication made it possible. Information exchange was quick and efficient, which contributed to smooth cooperation. The design and implementation of the service was impressive, allowing us to find suitable employees. We are very satisfied with the result, and we particularly remembered the thoughtfulness of the process, the spee, and the team's pleasant way of communicating."

Strantum OÜ

Need help choosing the right solution?
Choose a FREE consultation.