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Assessment and additional services

Do you want to make the right choices when recruiting people or assessing the capabilities and personal qualities of your existing team? Assemble your team from the most suitable candidates or see which person is still missing from your team! Thanks to an efficient team, the company’s results are easier to achieve and a good team climate contributes to the company’s positive reputation.

Basic social media plan – we design a banner for the job advertisement, ask the account manager for a quote.

Additional social media budget – ask for recommendations from your account manager; the average additional budget is €150 per job advertisement. 

Category banner – highlighting the employer in a specific category of job advertisements with an advertising banner, which invites people to apply; the weekly fee for the banner is €250 + VAT and displaying the banner for a month costs €790 + VAT.

FAQ video recording – this is an online call organised by the OV-Online recruiter and the client where the CV-Online recruiter asks the client additional questions about the job profile and the organisation, and the client answers them on video. The chat will be recorded and the content will be shared personally with all of the applicants applying for the position.
It’s a good opportunity to give applicants a better overview of the position and the organisation.
Price: €100 + VAT.

Requesting feedback from referees – €50 + VAT per applicant.


In-depth interviews 1h – €100 + VAT per interview.

Regular interviews 30 min – €50 + VAT per interview.


Additional personality tests – two different tests are available:

Tripod and Thomas International DISC test. The cost of one DISC test is €100 + VAT, one Tripod test costs €100 + VAT, two different Tripod tests per applicant cost €169 + VAT.


Database search – we will search the database to find potential applicants who meet the professional profile and have short chats with applicants to introduce the position and find out whether the applicant is interested in applying for the position. The price depends on the profile of the position to be filled.

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