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The headhunting service is suitable for clients who recruit the kind of people who are difficult to reach on the labour market. The reason may be the job profile’s scarcity or demand, or the specific nature of the competencies.

Within the scope of a headhunting service, we contact passive applicants. Different channels are used to search for applicants, including the database, LinkedIn, FB groups, websites of companies, websites of professional associations and other channels that include public data and where the searched target group is represented. A passive applicant is an applicant who is not actively applying for jobs, but who matches the desired profile. Usually, one passive applicant has to be contacted several times before he/she makes up the decision; therefore, the project needs more time for preparation.

Headhunting includes

  • Formulation of the need for recruitment and preparation of an action plan in cooperation with the client.
  • Formulation of the company’s value proposition in cooperation with the client.
  • Creation of the job profile – we specify the details of the vacancy with the client (specific requirements regarding education, work experience and language skills, etc).
  • We will carry out a search in the database and other channels, where the target group is represented, on the basis of the criteria provided by the client.
  • In cooperation with the client, we review the status of the project and the applicants every week and adjust our activities if necessary.
  • We contact the applicants who match the job profile and ascertain their interest in possible professional challenges, introduce the organisation and the offered position.
  • We will present the applicants who are interested in applying and match the job profile to the client with our comments, so that the client can continue the selection process.
  • If necessary, we will make appointments for the client’s interviews with the applicants.
  • We will participate in the further selection process as co-interviewers or observers if requested by the client.
  • We will send feedback letters to applicants who were not selected.
  • We offer the DISC onboarding test to the people selected by the client during the selection process, which gives advice on how to support a new employee in the best possible manner (optional, at the client’s request).

The estimated duration of a project in the case of targeted search is nine weeks, as applicants in a targeted search usually need time to think, incl.

  • Week 1 – value offer and creation of the job profile;
  • Weeks 2-4 – search for applicants and presentation of applicants to the client once a week;
  • Weeks 3-6 – contacting the applicants and presentation of applicants interested in the position;
  • Weeks 6-7 – meetings of the applicants with the client;
  • Weeks 8-9 – the final selection is made and responses are sent to the applicants who were not selected.

In cooperation with our Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues, we also offer the same recruitment solution in other Baltic countries.

Payment for the project will be made in three parts: 30% of the project fee as the commencement fee before the start of the project, 30% of the project fee when the first applicants are presented, 40% of the project fee as the placement fee when the person suitable for the job has been found.

PRICE: according to the agreement

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From this year, CV-Online Estonia OÜ ( donates to the modernization of the living spaces of the Astangu Vocational Education Centre. 1% of all income from recruitment projects goes to support Astangu Vocational Education Center.