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Pre-selection with database

When to choose
this solution?

The pre-selection service is suitable for clients who need to fill positions that are likely to attract a higher than average number of applicants (50 or more people) and where the focus of the selection process is on the assessment of the primary suitability of the applicants.

Pre-selection with database​ timeline:

Pre-selection with database​ includes:

  • Creation of the job profile: we specify the details of the vacancy with the client (specific requirements regarding education, work experience and language skills, suitable job title, etc).
  • We prepare the text of the job advertisement and help with the design of the advertisement. The job advertisement will be created according to the criteria established by the client and the completed job profile.
  • We will publish the job advertisement in the CV.ee system for one month (which can be extended by two weeks if necessary).
  • We will share the job advertisement on the website of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (if requested by the client).
  • If necessary, we will prepare a selection round with online questions either ourselves or in cooperation with the client, which will be sent to all applicants via the Recruitee software.
  • We highlight the published advertisement in a suitable Premium List category for at least one week.
  • We will boost the circulation of the advertisement in social media and aim it at the suitable target group (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin).
  • We will e-mail the invitation to apply to the people in the ee database who correspond to the described job profile.
  • Within the scope of the selection service, we select applicants by evaluating their suitability according to the profile.
  • We answer any questions about the job and the selection process received from the applicants during the search period.
  • We contact all potentially suitable, selected applicants and ascertain their motivation to apply for the position and specify their suitability for the profile.
  • We present the best applicants found during the process to the client with our comments; we send an overview of the recruitment and selection process to the client once a week.
  • We offer the DISC onboarding test to the people selected by the client during the selection process, which gives advice on how to support a new employee in the best possible manner (at the client’s request).
  • We give feedback with reasons to the applicants who were not selected for the position.

    The estimated duration of a project of pre-selection with database search is seven weeks, incl.

  • Week 1 – publication of the job advertisement and targeted letter;
  • Weeks 2-4 – short interviews with the applicants and presentation of applicants to the client once a week, additional database search if necessary;
  • Week 5 – deadline of the job advertisement and assessment of the last applicants, meetings of the applicants with the client;
  • Week 6 – meetings of the applicants with the client;
  • Week 7 – the final selection is made and responses are sent to the applicants who were not selected.

    PRICE: according to the agreement

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