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Full-selection with warranty

The full-selection with warranty service is suitable for clients who want to outsource the entire recruitment and selection process and only participate in the final assessment of the strongest applicants. It’s a great opportunity to receive comprehensive and professional project management from one place and save at least 25 hours of your working time.

Full-selection with warranty​ includes

  • Creation of the job profile: we specify details about the vacancy with the client (specific requirements of education, work experience and language skills).
  • We help to create a job advertisement with a text and design that are to the point according to the criteria established by the client and the completed job profile.
  • We will publish the job advertisement in the system for one month (which can be extended by two weeks if necessary).
  • We will share the job advertisement on the website of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (if requested by the client).
  • If necessary, we will prepare a selection round with online questions either ourselves or in cooperation with the client, which we will send to all or selected applicants via the Recruitee software.
  • We highlight the published advertisement in a suitable Premium List category for at least one week.
  • We will boost the circulation of the advertisement in social media and aim it at the suitable target group (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin).
  • We will e-mail the invitation to apply to the people in the ee database who correspond to the described job profile.
  • We carry out an additional search in the database to find potential applicants who match the job profile; contact additional applicants to introduce the position and find out whether the applicant is interested in applying for the position.
  • We will carry out a targeted search of applicants, where we use different channels (Linkedin, professional associations, schools, etc.) to search for applicants who meet the profile, to whom we introduce the company/organization and the offered position by e-mail or telephone and ask whether the applicant is interested in the position.
  • We answer questions submitted by applicants during the search period concerning the job and the selection process.
  • We will have a short chat with the client once a week to analyse our cooperation and the recruitment process.
  • We will present the best applicants found within the scope of the recruitment process to the client with our comments during the period agreed with the client, but no less frequently than biweekly.
  • We will conduct a full-length competence-based interview with up to five applicants who meet the client’s expectations.
  • We will carry out tests with up to three applicants (using the Tripod personality questionnaire or the mental capacity test, and the DISC personality test).
  • We will contact the referees of up to three final applicants to obtain feedback (requesting feedback from up to three referees per applicant).
  • We will prepare overviews of up to three applicants for the client, which covers their performance in the different selection rounds, the feedback from their referees, personality test reports as well as our comments and recommendations.
  • We will present an overview of the entire recruitment process with our proposals to the client.
  • We will send feedback letters to applicants who were not selected.
  • We will carry out a feedback interview with the client.
  • The service includes a four-month warranty for the new employee, i.e. if the employee proves unsuitable for the position within four months of entering into the employment contract (the employment contract is terminated on the employer’s or employee’s initiative, excl. on the basis of § 91 of the Employment Contracts Act), we will conduct another search for the same position, with the duration of up to a month, free of charge.

The estimated duration of a full selection project is nine weeks, incl.

  • Week 1 – publication of the job advertisement and targeted letter;
  • Weeks 2-3 – additional search for applicants and submission of a periodic overview of the recruitment process to the client;
  • Week 4-5 – deadline of job the advertisement, full-length interviews and evaluations of applicants, presentation of final applicants to the client;
  • Weeks 6-7 – meetings of the applicants with the client;
  • Weeks 8-9 – the referees are contacted, tests are carried out, the final selection is made and responses are sent to the applicants who were not selected.

In cooperation with our Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues, we also offer the same recruitment solution in other Baltic countries.

PRICE: according to the agreement

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